The Miniature Poodle

The miniature poodle is my favorite mini dog. That curly hair and bright eyes get me every time. Some people like to dock their tails, to give them a more balanced look. I like the long tail because they carry it high. When groomed I love the balls they give the tails. These dogs come in solid colors, like black, white, cream, but my favorite is the red. This dog is very comical and very intelligent so never underestimate what this dog can do. I’ve seen them do some pretty amazing things that left me baffled.
1100208These dogs are great companions.  However they have to have daily walks and exercise. This dog should always know who the alpha is never let them think they are the boss. With you as the pack leader, you will have a great watchdog, a happy companion and a dog who is great with children and other animals. Be firm with this type of dog you don’t want any kind of bad behavior. These dogs are 11-15 inches high and weigh about 15-17 pounds.
This type of dog loves the water and playing, Throw a ball in the water and this dog will happily go get it. Great swimming partners so take him to a pool where they allow animals.
These dogs usually have a litter of one to ten puppies. The average is five. The reason I love this dog so much is that it hardly sheds, which is great for allergies sufferers like myself. With proper grooming and bathing, dogie dander is not a problem.
This dog is also very obedient, so teaching it tricks isn’t much of a problem, in fact this dog has a few tricks of his own, so you learn from him as much as he learns from you. I’ve seen these dogs almost tell time so yes these dogs are very smart.