More on Miniature Horses

65ce3e81bf5d48b630820b9250173f5cMiniature horses are nothing like ponies. It‘s something altogether different. They are shorter than ponies, and no taller than 34 inches at full growth and should only weigh about 150 – 250 pounds. Sometimes a mini may look like a pony, but what breeders do is make them look like small horses and they shouldn’t have thick necks or short legs.

They come in all sorts of colors, like pinto spots or a buckskin color with dark tails and manes. What may be rare in Horses are pretty common in minis, like dark colored bodies and a creamy white tail and mane.

Mini Horses began back in 1978, when the American Mini Horse Association began keeping track of them. They were bred to go into the coal mines, where large horses couldn’t go, because the tunnels were so small. They were pets in Europe only among royalty, but the breeders of the AMHA imported them from many countries. In the beginning most any small horse could be considered a mini, but as they started looking better and better, the rules changed. They can only be 34 inches tall by the age of five years old. They may be minis, but they are still real horses, they like the outdoors where they can graze.

When minis give birth, the baby is still a foal, same as regular horses, but they weigh about 20 lbs. They are easy to pick up and usually stand about 16-21 inches. Within an hour they are able to stand up and learn to nurse, it doesn’t take them long to start jumping and running on their on. They are usually weaned when they are able to eat grain and grass. There are Dwarf minis which are common sometime with mini breeding. They have large heads and some may have problems with their teeth and bones that’s very painful for them. They can’t be registered as minis. While all breeding, improves fewer dwarfs are born. We can all enjoy seeing mini horses, like a fair or petting zoo. We can also see them in fields, all along the countryside. So if to want to take a trip through the country, look around because a lot of people keep these minis as pets.