Dexter Cattle

Dexter cattle are cute, miniature little cows. There is no other bovine that can match Dexter cattle on their diversity pound for pound. At their shoulder, they stand thirty-six to forty-four inches and are the perfect cow for the old fashioned farm. They are very economical and versatile and will turn good pasture into efficiently raised lean meat and rich milk, if that is what you want from them. The Dexter cattle have grown in popularity over recent years because of their size and all they have to offer the family homestead.

A single Dexter cow will give a family about one to two gallons a day of milk. This is a lot more manageable than the typical Holstein cow that gives eight to ten gallons a day. As far as meat goes, a Dexter will give you around four hundred pounds of meat where a full sized steer would provide six hundred to eight hundred pounds. This is a benefit for those with limited space in their freezer. Sugar Land Air Ducts raises a couple of Dexter’s each year for their employees.

When you own a Dexter, it is almost like you own a piece of history. You will certainly be doing your part to keep the genetic diversity of the cattle. The Dexter is not a miniature that came from a larger breed of cow, but are actually one of the world’s true breeds of small cattle.

It is believed that the Dexter cattle were originally from Ireland and were brought to the United States early in the twentieth century. They worked out great for the smaller farmers that didn’t have the resources to raise larger breeds. Since then, their numbers have continually grown because of their small size. Their small size also has a downfall, though. Because of it, they are more prone to a disorder linked to their genetics that will sometimes cause a cow to have a stillborn calf with a deformed face.

Dexter cattle are a great breed for any farm. A small homestead is where you will find most of these cattle.