Bantam Chickens

If you are considering raising chickens, you should seriously consider the miniature Bantam chickens. There are many different kinds of Bantam chickens that are from a variety of places around the world. Some of the varieties include those that are feather footed, Cochins, and varieties that are clean legged.

The feather fitted bantams come in many different patterns and colors, and tend to be very small. They get their name from the distinguished feathers covering their feet. These tend to be one of the most popular kinds of bantam chickens.

Cochins are the second kind of bantam chicken we will discuss. These chickens appear to be larger than they are because of their heavy feathering that covers their entire body. Cochins are available in several colors including red, buff, barred, and mottled. There are many sub groupings also available these chickens in different areas around the world. These type of bantams are thought to have originated in China and brought to England by soldiers returning from war in 1860. Cochins were originally called Pekins. You will occasionally still hear them being referred to by that name. You can visit our website to learn more about this type of bantam chicken.

Bantams that are clean legged tend to be a lot smaller than the other two types. Their features are more refined and there are no feathers located on their legs. Their feathers seem smoother since they tend to flatten against their body rather than fluffing outward. This makes these chickens look more polished in appearance. The clean leg it bantams come in a wide range of patterns and colors as well, just like the other bantams. This means, regardless of which type of bantam chicken you choose, you will have a lot of choice and how your chicken looks.

As you can see, Bantam chickens are a wonderful choice for any farm or family. Make sure you consider them as you look to add chickens to your animals.